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Secretary's Message

The Present Era is marked by the emergence of numerous organizations including multi – national companies. When there are many organizations, it gives rise to competition among the organizations. Every organization wants to run their business very effectively so as to maximize the profit or to get better results. But for that purpose highly trained personnel & technocrats are needed. These professionals are trained by various institutions and Universities.
On one hand there is a high demand of highly trained Personnel and on the other hand the supply of trained personnel is less. So there is a big gap between demand of the trained Personnel & supply of the same to fulfill the requirement of the organizations. Hence Charutar Vidya Mandal has thought of providing highly trained Professionals to the organizations by establishing a unique institute of Human Resource Development. The main objective of the institute is to prepare HR scholars by providing excellent academic programmes.
The team of experts has framed the syllabus by keeping in mind the demands of the corporate sectors. Multi – Disciplinary subjects have been incorporated in the course curriculum so as to impart best knowledge and best training to the students. This course curriculum will be helpful to the students to develop Professional skills and competitive temperament. Looking to the need & a unique nature of the institute the management has provided highly qualified and highly experienced faculty members to impart best education. The library of the institute is enriched with latest books and journals that will help the students to acquire latest knowledge in the field of Human Resource Development. Not only that the students will also be provided exposure through practical training and project work. The internship programmes will be included in the course curriculum for competence building of the students. The students coming from outside will be provided adequate hostel accommodation. In short the campus is an ideal location to reside comfortably and to get modern education and professional training.
I welcome all students to the CVM Institute of Human Resource Development

Dr. S. G. Patel
Hon. Secretary, Charutar Vidya Mandal


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