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[ Affiliated to Sardar Patel University - Vallabh Vidyanagar ]

I/c Director's Message

Gujarat is one of the most developed states in India. A large number of industries has been established by the prominent industrialists in the Gujarat. Public sectors like IPCL, GSFC Heavy Water plant, Refinery etc. are also established in the state. Every large scale industry and public sector organization does have their own Human Resource (HR) Department. The H.R. Department of Private or Public sector needs qualified personnel to run their business effectively. So looking to the need of the industries and other service organizations, Charutar Vidya Mandal has decided to set up world class educational institute to train personnel to acquire prestigious position at various levels within such organizations.
Our mission is to provide right man for the right job in the world of occupations. As we know the process of job analysis gives us information regarding what kinds of duties and roles are to be performed while we are on the job. The scholars working in the field of Job analysis are of the opinion that there is always a demand of the job i.e. the job itself puts forward specific demands or requirement to accomplish it. In this institution we intend to fulfill that requirement by providing trained professionals in the field of HR. Hence we encourage students to develop certain qualities like competence, self – awareness, self motivation, managerial skills and positive attitude so as to establish a good match between demand of the job and quality of the job holder.
Our HRD Syllabus has been tailor made to suit the needs of the students, to get the placement either in public &private sector or in NGOs, Hospitals, community service centres and various Departments and Boards of the Government. It is up to the students to select the right institution to get the right degree, for their career planning.
Welcome to CVM Institute of Human Resource Development, an educational institute offering two years MASTER OF COMMERCE in HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT - M. Com (HRD) programme based on CBCS pattern.

Deepa B. Kesari
I/c Director, CVM Institute of HRD


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