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Admissions for the year 2019 - 20 has begun,
Eligibility for admission in M.Com (HRD) course is graduation in any Discipline with 40% marks.

Admission to M.Com (HRD) program will be given on merit of graduation.
Candidates from other than Sardar Patel University must obtain “Provisional Eligibility Certificate” from Sardar Patel University at the time of admission. They will have to produce Final Eligibility Certificate at the time of enrollment in due time in the institute.
Candidates admitted (who have obtained graduate degree other than Sardar Patel University) will have to obtain necessary Enrollment Certificate from Sardar Patel University in due course of time through the institute.
All admissions are subject to confirmation by Sardar Patel University. The students admitted to the course will have to abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the college and the University relating to attendance, class work, assignments, test performance and such other things, failing which they will not be allowed to appear for the University Examination.
Once admitted the student will have to attend classes regularly, non attendance of which will lead to the cancellation of admission.
A student is supposed to take note of all the relevant information, rules and regulations with reference to the class / practicum for which he / she takes the admission before the fees are paid.
Fees and other charges once paid are not refundable under any circumstances, except Caution Money Deposit.
The fees will also not be refunded to :
  If provisionally admitted students who fail to produce final eligibility certificate from Sardar Patel University and consequently whose admission is cancelled.
  If students whose terms are not granted by the University.
  If the studies are discontinued in between the academic year or in case of change of stay / domicile, the fees paid are not refundable.
Each student is granted admission taking into consideration that he / she will complete the respective degree program. Hence cancellation of admission on any ground and under any circumstances will be subject to the approval of chairman, Charutar Vidya Mandal. The student will be required to pay the fees for the whole degree programme even if admission is cancelled as mentioned above.
Refund of Caution Money Deposit will be made by A/c payee cheque. In order to get the refund of caution money deposit, he / she required to apply on a plain sheet of paper to the Director / Principal. He / She is required to surrender: Original fee receipt to the institute, his / her identity card and Library tickets issued to him / her to the Librarain and obtain a NO DUE Certificate from him.
In case of any dispute, the jurisdiction of Courts at Anand will prevail.
Relief can be granted for the above by Chairman, CVM to the deserving students.
As per the government rules the use of mobile phone in the premises of institute is totally prohibited. Charutar Vidya Mandal is authorized to take disciplinary action against the students who bring and / or use the mobile phone in the institute / college campus.
Student is required to pay the fees for the whole course in case the admission is cancelled for any reason.
CVM hostel is compulsory for students residing beyond 25 Kilometers.
It is compulsory for the students staying at the CVM’s hostel to take their meals at the hostel mess wherever this facility is available.
During the academic year, only those events that are planned / approved by the University, Charutar Vidya Mandal and the college will be organized. No other programmes of any kind are supposed to be organized.
Students found harassing other students in the college as well as in the hostel shall be punished.
If a student staying in hostel has a two wheeler, he / she should inform the hostel rector that he /she is keeping/ using the vehicle.
Fees mentioned do not include any taxes. Any cess or taxes will be charged, as and when levied and applicable.
Ragging is strictly prohibited. If any incidence of Ragging comes to the notice of college authority, the student concerned shall be given chance to explain and if his / her explanation is not found satisfactory, the college authority would expel him / her from the institution.
Students are required to submit medical fitness certificate. This certificate is necessary for undertaking field work, which is a compulsory component of the course curriculum.


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